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Antea’s Open Day 2023

On June 10th, 2023, Antea Cement, a leading name in the cement manufacturing industry, recently hosted an extraordinary Open Day event at their Cement Plant premises in Boka e Kuqe, Kruje. Bringing together representatives of civil society organisations, the stakeholder’s community, and international organisations, as well as government representatives from the region and the local community.

Under the slogan “Enter and discover the story behind Antea Cement and have fun!” participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an informative and entertaining day of exploration. The event offered a diverse range of activities, ensuring everyone could engage and enjoy themselves. Through informative presentations, plant tours, and interactive workshops, guests gained valuable insights into Antea Cement’s commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
One of the highlights of the Open Day was a captivating presentation that shed light on the company’s vision, achievements, and ongoing initiatives. Guests were able to gain valuable insights into Antea Cement’s innovative practices and their commitment to minimizing environmental impact. Visitors embarked on an immersive tour of Antea Cement’s advanced cement plant. The tour highlighted the company’s meticulous quality control measures, ensuring the production of superior products that meet the highest standards.

This special event served as a platform for Antea Cement to exhibit their manufacturing process and high-quality products. By opening their doors to the community, they provided a glimpse into their operations, emphasizing their dedication to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Antea Cement’s Open Day exemplified the company’s dedication to transparency and community engagement. By sharing their success and inviting the public to witness their operations, they fostered a deeper understanding of their brand values and left a lasting impact on attendees. The event was a testament to Antea Cement’s strong connection with its stakeholders and its unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.