People development

We believe that our people deserve the best support, within a working environment that supports people to learn, grow and succeed. At ANTEA, such a learning working environment is created by a combination of our:

As part of our Performance & Development review, we evaluate performance and potential and use the outcome as the basis for crafting individual development plans to sharpen our capabilities and knowledge, to embrace new skills and competencies, as well as to formulate our succession planning. We offer a wide range of learning experiences for our people, ranging from embedding our Code of Conduct and TITAN values, to leadership development, technical skills improvement and acquiring recognized professional qualifications. We continuously develop our value proposition to our people with the view to providing them with continuous personal and professional growth, as well as sustainable and exciting careers.

Careers & Employment

We are looking for people who share our values, are motivated, passionate about their own work and the success of the company and care for others and work well with others. They balance intellectual ability with the emotional maturity to cope with environmental demands and pressures. If you are interested in a challenging career with opportunities for on-going training and development you can send us your curriculum vitae choosing the current job you are interested in working for. For more information please visit the below Vacancy Announcements: