Stakeholder engagement is a continuous process through which ANTEA Cement aims to build trust-based relationships with its main stakeholders. According to definition given by AA 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard “stakeholders are those groups who affect and/or could be affected by an organization’s activities, products or services and associated performance.” (

ANTEA Cement key stakeholders

  • Our employees

  • Local community

  • Suppliers
  • Customers

  • Shareholders

  • Local and central government
  • NGOs

  • Media

  • Business community
  • Listening and responding to the concerns of our employees, local communities, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders has been a driving force in our efforts at meeting effectively corporate social responsibility challenges. Understanding and addressing material issues of our stakeholders is an ongoing process which ANTEA Cement is committed to enhance further. The main focus has been to increase our stakeholder engagement by:
  • Continuous professional and personal training as a sign of vital importance and significant resource for our company
  • Through continuous dialogue with local authorities and associations, we improve our Local Communities Action Plan which addresses needs related to education, culture, transportation, society and environment.
  • Open dialogue with our stakeholders, aiming to further increase performance transparency of our activity and proper addressing of their concerns
  • Communicating our values, activities and good practices to our stakeholders through various channels.
  • Our Stakeholder Engagement in details

    Stakeholder Type of engagement Intended Outcome
    Employee PIP Employee assessment and career promotion
    Internal changes / policies communication Working environment safeguard according to highest standards
    Employee representative meetings through unions Be an Employer of Choice
    Trainings Be informed in relation to various topics
    Events Celebration of important dates
    Volunteerism Ensure employee engagement
    Local community Contributions in cash and kind Provision of social services
    Events Ensure community engagement and celebrate
    Public meetings Promote transparency and communication
    Newsletters  Awareness on environment and H&S
     Impact assessment Address concerns
    Customers Customer surveys Customer satisfaction survey
    Suppliers Procurement procedures Best practice and sustainability principles implementation
    Trainings Equal training opportunities to all suppliers
    Best practice share  Improve quality of services
    Government Site visits Promote transparency and best practice
    Multi-stakeholder forums Local and national governments partnership engagement
    NGO Education Address main concerns
    Public meetings Seek collaboration opportunities
    Business community CSR Network Share CSR best practices

    Only for 2014, ANTEA has conducted more than 100 meetings with various stakeholders addressing different issues and concerns.

  • Head of Commune of Thumane
  • Inspectorates
  • Governmental agencies
  • Trade Union
  • EU Project CEMSA
  • Multirateral
  • Elders of Borizane
  • CSR Network GA & BoD
  • UNDP
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Environment
  • GIZ
  • CGIA
  • Media
  • Minister of Welfare
  • Public Meetings
  • Commune of Thumane
  • NGOs
  • Local representatives
  • Other Forums
  • FIA
  • HBAA
  • Multistakeholder forums
  • Academic conference
  • Workshops
  • Roundtables
  • Seminars
  • Cooperation with the local community

    In pursuing its objectives, ANTEA Cement, incorporates the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in its business operations in line with the belief that it is not only ethical responsibility but also good business practice.

    ANTEA Cement is situated in Boke e Kuqe and is surrounded by four main villages: Picrrage, Brret, Thumane and Borizane. Local community is one of the main stakeholders of ANTEA Cement and we aim to have great relationship with our neighbors by having a continuous transparent dialogue and by investing in the community. We have a grievance mechanism in place as per Integrated Management System that ANTEA Cement implements. The Procedure aims effective internal and external communications with our stakeholders and specifically local community through raising awareness and encouraging dialogue about various issues and concerns of stakeholders pertinent to ANTEA’s operation.

    The development programs that we implement focus on provision of safe and improved qualities of living standards by contributing to the well-being of the local community members. Key focus areas of ANTEA Cement are education, sports, health care, infrastructure, socially excluded persons and culture.

    Albanian CSR Network

    In its mission to promote Corporate Social Responsibility in the business community, ANTEA Cement, together with other large enterprises in Albania showed efforts to promote the creation of a business-led network for CSR. The need was evident even more in Albania, due to the fact that in this country there was no such a Network, and where several aspects of CSR, including health and safety, human rights and environmental standards, were in need of improvement..

    The Albanian CSR Network, which was launched in April 2013 in Tirana, has been well received by various stakeholders, and ANTEA has been recognized for its leadership role, through the appointment of its General Manager as the President of the Network. The launch of the Network was attended by large companies from all over Albania, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Albania, representatives from the European Union, the Albanian Ministry of Economy, business associations, etc.

    Since then, the Network has co-organized, with the UNDP and the Ministry of Economy, the Multi-stakeholder Forum on CSR, while it is also holding monthly meetings with the Network’s members. Seminars on important issues such as Health & Safety, Environmental care and Human rights have been organized with the aim of sharing best practices among member companies and their contractors as well as raising awareness about importance of standards. CSR Albanian has successfully organized for two years in a row the CSR Awards in Albania and has awarded the best Large and SMEs active in CSR flora.

    The Network recently joined CSR Europe, the largest CSR network in Europe with more than 46 National Partner Organizations and 50 corporate members.

    For more details please visit Albanian CSR Network.