ANTEA joined the “Adopt a Kindergarten” initiative
December 21, 2016
LOTOTO Campaign
January 23, 2017

One year from the Pact for Youth

In 2015, the TITAN Group offered a total of 432 internships and engaged in 53 partnerships with academic organizations or educational foundations. It mapped the situation in all countries where the group operates and developed a new Book of Guidelines, to qualitatively facilitate the planning and implementation of internship programs. The overall purpose of this material is to better relate business needs to those of the future talent pipeline. TITAN’s 2016 Annual Report included a review on the internships offered by TITAN Group and the internship program will be part of the 2017 budgeting process. In addition, TITAN Group has contributed to the stakeholder dialogue in Greece, as well as to the communication of the Pact in Kosovo and Albania through the local networks, so as to streamline collaboration between business and the academic organizations. Meanwhile, a new partnership was made with RELOAD Greece: a London-based foundation, aiming to ensure that young people will develop skills in entrepreneurship and social innovation that will help their communities develop both socially and economically.