Study visit of Polytechnic University of Tirana students to the plant
June 6, 2019
The Board of Directors of Titan Cement International SA approved yesterday the acquisition from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the minority stakes the latter holds in Titan businesses in Southeast Europe and Egypt.
November 21, 2019

Passion for Architecture: ANTEA Cement Summer School Program and offers 2 scholarships for undergraduate studies in architecture

ANTEA Cement supports high school graduates from Fushë Kruja community who aspire to study architecture by organizing a Summer School program focused on recycling, aesthetics and creativity.

The REC initiative (“Recycling-Esthetics-Creativity”) is the first of its kind in Albania and was launched by ANTEA Cement during a presentation held in Marin Barleti University.

The main objective of this launching workshop, was to raise awareness on the importance of recycling, esthetics and creativity among youngsters who have a passion for architecture, including high school students. A key component of this activity was to inform the audience on the application of these concepts in the community they live in. This initiative was presented by the coordinator of Marin Barleti University, lecturer Anjeza Llubani.

ANTEA Cement CSR & Communication Officer Klajdi Gjondedaj, highlighted the support and assistance that the company will offer through the organization of this Summer School Program that will help future architects have the right approach on creative ideas for the urban environment and nature.

During their participation in the summer school program, students and high school graduates will get practical classes on the methods of using cement for interior design products, lectures and team work, study visits in Municipality of Tirana as well as in Interior Design and Architecture studios based in Tirana.

An important feature of the practical experience that the participants will obtain is that they will be provided with tools to create different creative and functional products with recycled materials.

All the designed products of the students are going to be exposed in a dedicated exhibition at the end of the summer school, where a jury of experts will select two winners who will benefit from a scholarship in Bachelor, Architecture at Marin Barleti University.

This activity is part of ANTEA Cement Corporate Social Responsibility action plan, which remains a priority for the company, in direct support to the community where the company carries out its activities.