Presentation of Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in Albania

TITAN Group has published its 2018 Integrated Annual Report, which outlines the Group’s financial, environmental and social performance.
March 28, 2019
Study visit of Polytechnic University of Tirana students to the plant
June 6, 2019

Presentation of Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in Albania

As the pioneer of the implementation of best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, ANTEA Cement, in collaboration with the Albanian non-governmental organization ACIT (Albanian Centre for Competitiveness and International Trade) , partnered to present a study on the status of development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Albania. The presentation was followed by an open discussion and proposals on this topic.

This activity was carried out under the framework of the project “Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility”, implemented by ACIT and supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania. As a result of this study, ANTEA Cement was selected as one of the most advanced companies in CSR practices in Albania.

Among other participants, the presentation was attended by ANTEA Cement contractors, who have benefited from the continuous support and assistance of the company, through trainings in order to enable them to obtain relevant ISO standard certifications.

Representatives of public schools from Fushë Mamurras, Thumane and Shpërdhet acknowledged the direct investments that ANTEA Cement has accomplished under its annual CSR action plan, as well as its significant impact in supporting the community.

During the discussions, students, representatives of partner organizations and representatives from the community, talked about their experience in participating in the initiatives of the company.

The meeting was attended by Grant Thornton Albania – the company that provides auditing services of ANTEA Annual Report. They underlined the fact that ANTEA Cement is the only company in Albania which publishes the audited Integrated Annual Report.

ANTEA Cement is committed to create value for its employees, the community, the suppliers and clients. This is achieved through strengthening the core values of our operations and  upholding the best ethical practices of business. ANTEA Cement remains engaged in open and continuous communication with all involved actors in adequately addressing main issues and challenges.