Reconstruction of the regional health center in Borizana
March 12, 2018
The new TITAN Group Integrated Annual Report 2017 is now released
June 13, 2018

ANTEA Cement support and participate in the “Smart Urban municipalities/cities and energy efficient industries” conference

The main theme of this business event was smart urban solutions and energy efficient industries. Under the auspices of the Danish Embassy to Albania, this conference showcased and discussed Albanian and Danish achievements in organizing and running smart urban municipalities/cities. The conference hosted several discussion panels such as on urban planning, mobility and well-being, energy efficiency and environment, and several good practices or “green smart municipalities” in Denmark. ANTEA Cement General Manager, Mr. Mario Bracci contributed to the panel discussions on the case of ANTEA Cement plant in providing energy efficiency and respect of best environmental protection standards. The company representatives stressed the importance of sharing best practices and learning from the Danish and Scandinavian examples of waste management and the use of recycling technologies that would also support Albania’s aspirations to approximate with European Union standards. For further reference to the conference program and outline, follow link: