I-Pallets | Education and Awareness about the reuse and recycling of materials
December 15, 2017
ANTEA Cement support and participate in the “Smart Urban municipalities/cities and energy efficient industries” conference
June 7, 2018

Reconstruction of the regional health center in Borizana

In cooperation with local community structures in the village of Borizana, ANTEA Cement received the request to support in the reconstruction of the general infrastructure of the regional health center in the Borizana village. Given its importance as a primary source of healthcare service delivery for the inhabitants of this community and the lack of adequate conditions for quality services for citizens, ANTEA Cement mobilized necessary resources to support the community by investing in improving this facility. The reconstruction works were finalized in February 2018. The new regional health center of Borizana is now fully functioning with renovated facilities, due to the generous support of ANTEA Cement and the fruitful collaboration with community structures of the village.