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November 20, 2017
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March 12, 2018

I-Pallets | Education and Awareness about the reuse and recycling of materials

After planning and analyzing the recycling, reusing and transforming situation of the residues in the premises for alternative usages, DeP organisation, thanks to the support of ANTEA Cement Sh.a.,  achieved to implement the project “I-Pallets, Education and Awareness about the reuse and recycling of materials’’, during which the possibilities of combining the training and awareness of the students with the practical side, the direct involvement in the revitalization of school premises using precisely recycled material to improve or diversify the school furnishing. The materials used during the project were mainly pallets collected from ANTEA plant, but the contribution of the students was also proposing and modeling metal sculptures.
Nowadays where the request for consume is always increasing and the source of raw materials is low, the need for recycling of materials is necessary, in order to keep under control the use of raw materials.
The project aimed at raising awareness among youth people, of 12-18 years old, about the importance and the necessity of recycling.

4 schools were included in this project :

  • The elementary school “Fushë-Mamurras”, in Fushë-Mamurras
  • The elementary school ‘’Adem Myrta’’  Shpërdhet
  • The united high school ‘’Ramazan Jangozi’’, Thumanë
  • The united high school ‘’Haxhi Qira’’ Borizanë

For the realization of this project were recycled an amount of pallets and metals that were used for the production of furniture such as: library shelves, stools, clothes hangers, pots, bins and metal art work. The furniture were delivered to the schools that were included in the project and in the premises of ANTEA Cement Sh. A.
In the schools included in this project were held a cycle of trainings, where the students were informed about the recycle themes, and the processes of recycling and the benefits of this process. The furniture produced by recycling pallets were a clear example of reusing materials. A close cooperation was achieved between the directors of schools and the senate of students for supporting the initiative and vowed to undertake awareness campaigns in schools, the production of posters, banners, slogans that call for recycling materials and the protection of the environment and realizing the exhibitions in schools, to display the artistic creations with recycling materials.
This project had an important impact, because underlines recycling culture and helped local community schools with alternative logistics. The students share with us information and some practical examples of recycling and reuse of alternative materials. The high interest shown by the pupils, drew the attention of the teachers and the directorates of these schools, who appreciated this initiative and were an active part of this collaboration.