ANTEA Cement has published the 2015 Integrated Annual Report
December 2, 2016
ANTEA joined the “Adopt a Kindergarten” initiative
December 21, 2016


ANTEA Cement strives to preserve excellent relations with the local community, based on mutual trust, continuous transparent dialogue and collaboration. The company engages with the local community by organizing various awareness-raising activities, development programs, projects and open communication dialogue. One of these activities is the OPEN DAY: an occasion day when members of the public that don’t usually have access to the plant, may visit it. For ANTEA it is almost a tradition to organize an OPEN DAY by inviting the surrounding local communities and stakeholders to join. The event started with a presentation of the presence of ANTEA in the community and some useful information was provided in this regard. At the same time, a special program was prepared for the kids, where they had the chance to play and dance with animators as well as to paint Christmas and New Year greeting cards. The OPEN DAY at ANTEA also hosted two episodes of the art series “Art Instinct” directed by Kosta Zhonga which were recorded in the plant and broadcasted in the Digitalb TV platform. The event was concluded with a cocktail lunch and some of the visitors took a tour-visit of the plant. During the past 6 years of operations, ANTEA has created value for the local community, in terms of employment opportunities, creation of local suppliers, infrastructure development, contributions made to local authorities, which has impacted on overall improvement of life standards. For the 2010 – 2015period, ANTEA Cement has disbursed EUR 581 thousand of donations in cash and in kind, out of which, EUR 446 thousand were disbursed to the local community.