Family strengthening at commune of Thumane
December 3, 2015
Visit of the Minister of Energy and Industry H.E. Mr. Damian Gjiknuri at the Antea Cement plant
February 17, 2016

Antea publishes the first Audited Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2014

The Company ANTEA Cement, part of TITAN Group, has delivered the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report for the year 2014. This is a global tradition for large corporations but in Albania this is the first audited Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. The report has identified the financial, environmental, social performance and governance of the company for the year 2014. This activity coincides with the 5 year anniversary of ANTEA Cement operation, in Albania. The event organized by ANTEA Cement was attended by the main stakeholders of the company such as employees, local community representatives, suppliers, clients, governmental agencies and foreign institutions representatives. The Executive Director of the Institute for Corporate Governance Mrs. Rezarta Cenaj, ambassadors accredited in Tirana, such as Ambassador of Switzerland Mr. Christoph Graf, Ambassador of Greece Mr. Leonidas Rokanas, the Representative of International Financial Corporate in Albania Mrs. Elira Sakiqi, the Audit Manager at Ernst & Young Albania, Mr. Donard Braha greeted the Initiative of ANTEA Cement for issuing such Report. During his welcome speech, Mr. Adamantios Frantzis, General Manager of ANTEA Cement thanked the participants for their presence in the event and gave a short presentation on the objectives of the company, bringing to the attention the usage of the highest standards in providing occupational safety, environmental protection, social issues, protection of human rights as well as application of anti-corruption practices. “We are committed and aim at ensuring quality products for our customers, creating satisfactory working conditions and high standards for our employees, by offering real opportunities for development, respect for human rights and above all ensuring maximum safety at work. We are committed to respect and protect the environment, by using the best techniques available. We are committed to strictly implement the law by using anti-corruption practices in all our business transactions”, said the General Manager of ANTEA Cement. Mr. Frantzis expressed his confidence that such a business environment will help Albania to attract qualitative investment, affecting the prosperity and progress of society. The event was moderated by the Executive Director of the Corporate Governance Institute Mr. Rezarta Cenaj. She emphasized the positive role of ANTEA Cement regarding Social Responsibility, provision of good conditions and real opportunities for the community, the environment and other social issues. The European Commission starting from 2017 will make mandatory the reporting for non-financial performance by large companies. In this context, ANTEA’s initiative for issuing such report shall serve as good practice to other large companies in the country.

Ambassador of Switzerland to Tiranë, Mr. Christoph Graf complemented ANTEA Cement for its performance and contribution as well as highly assessed the report introduced. In addition, he said that this should be an example to be followed by other businesses. The government of Switzerland has placed an emphasis on better reporting practices and improving corporate governance practices in transitional countries and specifically in Albania it supports a programme that promotes and improves corporate governance standards and practices. “I am very happy to be here with you and being introduced with this report, which I am confident it will encourage other companies to improve their reporting standards. The Corporate Governance Institute and the International Finance Corporate are ready to support companies in this regard”, said Mr. Graf. Ambassador of Greece in our country Mr. Leonidas Rokanas said: “I feel privileged to take part in this event, which has demonstrated and showed us how such a large enterprise can achieve continued success in the service to customers, community and not only, by working with will and commitment. ANTEA Cement should be proud of what it has achieved and has given the country these years, and I hope that this path will be followed by many other companies.” “I am proud that ANTEA is a Greek investment, as you know Greece is one of Albania’s main investors taking 25% of foreign investment in the country, always growing. There is no better method to follow to become a leader than bringing examples. And the best way to achieve this, are the methods through integrated reports. The philosophy of TITAN, the report that was presented today, these values that the company carries, bring a brilliant example, for society in general, and for businesses in this country. There are many businesses in this country that are very innovative, very few people know, but I hope that we will have the opportunity, along with TITAN and the European Union in a few months to organize a very important event, which will present precisely these brilliant examples from your country, as well as the example of which we are speaking today, which will inspire the organization of economic activities and prosperity in the world of business in Albania, “said Ambassador Rokanas among others. The International Finance Corporate representative Mrs. Elira Sakiqi emphasized the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and said that the report that has been introduced should be a guide for other corporates and enterprises. She positively praised the events that ANTEA has organized during these years. The event was also greeted by the Audit Manager at Ernst & Young Mr. Donard Braha. In addition to the presentation of the methodology used for auditing this report he confirmed that this is the first Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report audited in Albania.