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December 1, 2015
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December 9, 2015

Family strengthening at commune of Thumane

The Company ANTEA Cement, part of TITAN Group, has launched this day in cooperation with SOS Village the project “Strengthening of families in the municipality Thumanë”, which is a humanitarian project in support of children and families living in difficult living conditions.
The project aims to give assistance to 47 children and 19 families in need and Thumanë and Borizanë villages in the Municipality of Krujë. Because of the extremely difficult conditions these families risk losing their children. But through this one year project it is intended to provide the best family optimal conditions including the protection of rights, education, health, hygiene conditions, food, etc., as well as capacity development in their community.
The activity which has been organized in the premises of ANTEA Cement Plant has been attended by the General Manager of ANTEA Cement Mr. Adamantios Frantzis and the entire management staff, including employees from the local area, the Executive Director of SOS Villages Mrs. Teuta Shkenza, the Unit Administrator for Thumanë Mrs. Griselda Mana, the Project Manager for SOS Villages Ms. Destemona Toptani, representatives of local government, families which are the beneficiary of the project, representatives of educational and health institutions of Thumanë and Borizanë etc.
The event was opened with the welcoming speech of the General Manager of the company ANTEA Cement       Mr. Adamantios Frantzis. He thanked all the participants and representatives of SOS Villages, in the implementation of this human project. Mr. Frantzis said that the project “Strengthening of the Family”, which will be implemented in the villages Thumanë and Borizanë, due to the high level of social and economic problems aims to provide protection to children and respect of their rights.
“The project will provide variety of services thanks to the close cooperation with local administrative units, local schools and other service providers,” said Mr. Frantzis. This project is the next initiative that is added to a number of projects, contributions and investments that the company has realized over the years, in order to operate responsibly and with social and environmental sensitivity, with a value exceeding the amount of EUR 1,000,000”.
Mr. Frantzis said that “Although ANTEA has been committed to support this project for a year other, the other donors who are interested in contributing to this project are more than welcome and encouraged to highly participate in these initiatives of human character.”
During her speech, the Executive Director of SOS Villages, Teuta Shkenza expressed her gratitude for the contribution and commitment of ANTEA Cement in providing real opportunities for poor families of these areas, especially to the children, for better living conditions and standards. “Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks. Despite the long professional experience of SOS Organization, this project would not have been possible without the great and ongoing support of the Company ANTEA Cement, which made possible the financing of this project, hence, demonstrating not only its high responsibility as a company but also its strong human aspect. Thanks to this cooperation, mutual trust, constant perseverance and professional work of the associates we have managed to finalize our ideas to give a more development opportunity to children and families of this community, “said Mrs. Shkenza.
The Unit Administrator for Thumane, Ms. Griselda Mana thanked the company ANTEA Cement for the valuable and continuous contributions over the years and described this project as an example that should be followed by other donors, so that other families of these areas but beyond could have the opportunity to standardize their living conditions, in particular the creation of all opportunities for protection and respect of children’ rights.
The Project Manager for SOS Villages Mrs. Destemona Toptani gave a detailed presentation of the program and introduced the persons present with the objectives and goals of this project, which will be implemented for one year.
The purposes of this project is to strengthen the situation of the families that have children aged 0-18 years and live in difficult economic-social conditions, in order to retain their ability to provide care for their children to grow them up in a family, social and caring environment. Children will be offered services to ensure their right to survival and development while parents will be offered services to build their capacities regarding the protection of children’s rights and to enhance their capacity to provide due parental care.
This is not the first project where ANTEA Cement promotes and encourages social responsibility. ANTEA Cement has organized a number of activities over the years, which have had the purpose to protect the environment, child care, social issues in general, etc.