ANTEA Cement has published the 6th consecutive externally assured Integrated Annual Report for the year 2019, which highlights information about financial, environmental, social performance and governance of the company. The report provides information and evidence on how sustainability is an integral part of ANTEA’s approach to business. Again, the underlying motto of the report “Building our Future Together” underline the company’s commitment to ensure sustainability in its path towards continues improvement. At the time of writing of this report, the coronavirus outlook had created significant changes to our lives and the macroeconomic outlook. ANTEA has mobilized, taking measures to protect its people, contribute to the efforts to reduce the health impact on society.

IAR it’s a report to stakeholders on the strategy, performance and activities of the company in a manner that allows stakeholders to assess the ability of the company to create and sustain value over the short, medium and long term.

This Report complies with TITAN Group Sustainability Reporting Standards as defined in reference to the implementation of the principles of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the United Nation Global Compact Communication on Progress Criteria Advanced Level, the Global Cement and Concrete Association Guidelines (GCCA), and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

The report is available: