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May 9, 2014
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June 30, 2015

ANTEA, the company with the highest working standards

State Labour Inspectorate (SLI) executive director Dritan Ylli and his counterparts in the region paid a visit Friday to Antea Cement Plant, which is owned by TITAN Group. Antea Cement sh.a. is one of the biggest pro-environment investments in Albania. The plant, located near Borizana, can produce a total of 1.5 million tons cement annually, and it reduces the need for cement imports while at the same time encouraging infrastructure projects and developments, as well as exports. Chief inspector Dritan Ylli and his counterparts assessed Antea Cement’s high standards in workplace safety and care for employees.
Albanian Labour Inspectorate executives were received by plant manager Georgios Batsakis. Mr Batsakis said he felt honoured by the visit, and briefed the participants on the plant operations, technology, staff professionalism, and working conditions. Employee life safety being its priority, the company has taken all measures to consider risks, professional training, proper expertise, and the use of protective equipment to avoid even minor accidents that could threaten the employees’ life. “It is an honour for us to be recognized as one of the companies delivering the highest standards in Albania.Antea Cement, part of TITAN Group, is focused on maintaining and prioritizing the best standards of workplace safety. We are pleased to inform you that the company currently hires 208 direct employees and 487 others from subcontractors,” noted Mr Georgios Batsakis. Chief inspector Mr Ylli was impressed by Antea Cement’s standards, saying this investment was an important example of how advanced technology can improve the safety culture in workplaces. Antea Cement Plant is the largest private foreign investment in the country to date, and one of the biggest investments by TITAN in recent years, worth €200 million.
The goals of Antea Cement are to ensure cement supply for infrastructural works and the country’s national program for construction of roadways, hospitals, schools, and other buildings; to reduce Albania’s needs for cement imports and increase exports to other countries and improve its foreign trade balance; to support sustainable development at local and national levels through road infrastructure and growth.