A fruitful collaboration between ANTEA Cement and the APR of the Tirana Municipality
May 20, 2022
ANTEA Cement employees donate blood
September 23, 2022

Every day can be a Tree Day!

At Thumana school “Ramazan Jangozi” and Fushë-Mamurras school “Ismail Dema” we planted trees and cleaned school premises with the energetic children and teachers of our community, taking action to protect and preserve the environment.

Trees don’t just capture and store carbon but they improve our health, wellbeing and make the spaces where we live safer and cleaner.

Our collective initiative is a special time where our community connects and becomes more aware that it only takes simple gestures to ensure that people and nature can thrive together in serenity. We thank the school and the children of our community for their fantastic energy and collaboration that impacts everyone’s lives. We are determined to plant more trees, educate more people, and impact more lives in our local community!