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October 20, 2016
ANTEA Cement has published the 2015 Integrated Annual Report
December 2, 2016

Fire Drill Scenario with Kruja Department of Fire fighters

The fire fighters are trained to handle a multitude of situations, from residential fires to wildfires, and cruise ships to oil rigs. Fire fighters often are thrust into locations and situations that in most of the cases they haven’t experienced themselves. Certainly they need proper training in controlling fires and hazardous conditions, but the primary goal of all fire fighters is personal safety and saving lives. In this framework, ANTEA has conducted a Fire Drill Scenario to provide an opportunity for our Plant Emergencies Team to improve their knowledge and skills for fire emergencies, in order to act as quickly and safely as possible. The scenario consisted on extinguishing two different types of fire simultaneously, with joint teams from ANTEA and Kruja firefighters. The activity further continued with a cocktail lunch where the parties had the chance to discuss about the improvement of the infrastructure to reach the plant since Kruja Department of Firefighting team are the first to respond to ANTEA plant in case of any fire emergency. ANTEA also has supported Kruja Brigade of fire fighters by donating some materials and new working tools amounting to EUR 1500.