“Safety at Home”, is an educational program implemented in the local community schools.
February 27, 2020
The safety of our employees, their families and community has always been our highest priority here at ANTEA Cement
March 9, 2020

The “Hygiene in School” program, a new initiative by ANTEA

Personal hygiene is not only the act, habit or routine through which we keep ourselves clean, but also a fundamental factor in keeping good health. The correct application of personal hygiene will also affect the people in our immediate environment. The primary objective of this initiative is to improve the behavior of students in regards to personal and food hygiene in their private surroundings and in public spaces. This program also aims to educate children on environmental factors in the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.
Selected health officials were involved in this initiative and worked closely with school directors in the areas surrounding ANTEA Cement. The initiative generated great interest in the local community. The program started in September 2019 and continued until February 2020, with more than 420 participants. It comprised an alternative curriculum of personal hygiene, direct counseling, informative sessions, activities and practical games.
Students were able to see for themselves, with the use of a microscope, how many impurities linger on their hands, clothes or books, thus increasing their curiosity and sparking debate about preventive measures and the requirements of a satisfactory personal hygiene.
At the close of the program the students of the local communities of Thumanë, Borizanë, Fushë Mamurras and Shpërdhet were given personal hygiene kits.
Despite the situation engendered by the earthquake of 26 November 2019, which impacted the area considerably, the program continued and was seen as a good opportunity for the students of the local schools to spend some amusement time in the presence of professionals of public health.