Aiming to stand by the local communities, who are still trying to recover after the devastating earthquake of 6.4R that hit Albania on 26 November
November 26, 2019
The “Hygiene in School” program, a new initiative by ANTEA
March 4, 2020

“Safety at Home”, is an educational program implemented in the local community schools.

The “Safety at Home” program, as part of the annual action plan initiative of corporate social responsibilities of ANTEA Cement, was held from October 2019 to February 2020, with the participation of pupils from the local schools. More than 580 students from the local communities of the villages of Borizanë, Thumanë, Fushë Mamurras and Shpërdhet benefitted from educational sessions that were developed in cooperation with our partner, SSC DDAER organisation.
The aim of this program is to create a culture of awareness and education for the safety of children from the age of three to ten in their domestic environment and at school. The program is divided into information and awareness sessions with interactive and alternative lessons for primary school and kindergarten childrens by combining informative materials with various games and counseling presentation with educational figures and videos. ANTEAs Manager for Health and Safety was present and held educational safety talks for the pupils of local community schools, explaining to them the importance of “prevention”.
One of the objectives of this program was to raise awareness on being alert for hazards in environments where we live and to act informed towards the risks they might face as well as to develop their personal abilities to prevent eventual accidents. Parents and teachers who participated in the awareness sessions were provided with safety manuals that had been specifically designed for this program. Directors of the schools praised the initiative and the program as useful in the environment in which we live and affirmed that such activities are necessary to further develop and foster students’ knowledge.
Despite the situation engendered by the earthquake of 26 November 2019, which impacted the area considerably, the program continued and was seen as a good opportunity for the students of the local schools to spend some amusement time in the presence of Health and Safety experts.