Aiming to stand by the local communities, who are still trying to recover after the devastating earthquake of 6.4R that hit Albania on 26 November, TITAN immediately responded to the urgent call for support with emergency supplies and volunteering work. Just a few hours after the earthquake, our first priority was to secure support for all our colleagues at ANTEA Cement in Albania who were affected by the earthquake. Nonetheless, we helped with heavy equipment and rescue teams, to the operations sustained at Thumana village, which is our neighboring local community. In the next days, we provided tents, blankets and inflatable mattresses as well as in collaboration with the Association of Albanian Producers we set up a camp canteen for the distribution of hot meals. Almost a month after this disastrous event, our supporting efforts continue. The reconstruction of damages at Thumana’s school, to make it safe to operate again, is one of more initiatives to follow, with primary focus on contributing to the endeavors of local authorities to restore daily life in the region.