ANTEA Cement provides Covid-19 vaccines for its staff and daily contractors
May 14, 2021
“Hellenic Park”, the new green space for Tirana citizens.
June 18, 2021

Inauguration of the Sports Corner

Is there a better way to celebrate National Children’s Day than by inaugurating a new sports place for the children of the surrounding community?

On June 2, ANTEA Cement inaugurated the new sports corner within the premises of “Ismail Dema” public school in Fushë-Mamurras, consisting of a football and a basketball & volleyball field. This project is part of the CSR sustainability action plan, which after numerous impediments caused by the November 2019 earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemics ended successfully. If there is one thing that this pandemic taught us, were precisely the physical health and the wellbeing of our community, of all children and grown-ups living in the area where we operate.

The inauguration ceremony attended ANTEA’s representatives, accompanied by local public authorities such as the mayor of Kurbin, Mrs. Majlinda Cara and representatives of the regional education directorate, who have supported this long-awaited project. The ceremony focused on the importance of community investments and on his behalf, Mr. Mario Bracci reaffirmed ANTEA’s continued commitment to this direction, emphasizing on company’s concrete initiatives to the community. Parents, teachers, and students joined ANTEA staff to take a closer look at the sports facilities located within the school grounds.

“ANTEA as a joint is mindful and attentive on how important children are, and on their imperative role in the progress and shape of society’s future. This is why we will proudly continue to contribute to their development and well-being and of the entire community where we operate”.