ANTEA Cement joins the Blood Donation campaign
October 21, 2021
Learning about Sustainable Development Goals
April 8, 2022

Sustainable Cities

“Sustainable Cities” was the keyword and the title of the talk organized by Pik Ark platform, with the support of ANTEA Cement. The talk brought together in a fruitful discussion the Deputy Mayor of Tirana Municipality Mrs. Anuela Ristani, Environmental and Quarry Manager of ANTEA Cement Mr. Dritan Dervishaj, Innvest Fund founder Fabiola Duro, and Katerina Marku expert on Energy Efficiency and representative of Environment Council of Municipality of Tirana. The focus of the talk was as well to exchange know-how on different topics in order to contribute and ensuring the sustainability of our cities.The discussion was rightfully oriented in bringing to surface concrete actions and initiatives by both private and public institutions so as to gradually establish a mentality on grounding the future upon sustainable pillars.
This initiative trigger also the attention of the audience on how to be inclusive and to tackle the sustainable development goals, set out in the 2030 United Nations agenda.