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June 18, 2021
Antea Cement publishes the Integrated Annual Report for 2020
August 12, 2021

Road safety, a social responsibility of us all!

The well-being of the community and the education of younger generations are of imperative importance, key qualities that add up to the heart of ANTEA Cement CSR’s foundation. The “Road Safety” is the latest educational program realized with the partnership of SSC DDAER in community schools, where the company exerts its activity.

In the framework of this project, students of community schools were able to attend the organized information and awareness sessions on “Road Safety and Incident Prevention”. The focus of these sessions was education; introducing a culture of road safety, where safety measures, signage, and respecting the road’s code of conduct, is very important in children’s daily life.

Some of the sessions were attended by pre-school teachers, professors, parents, and ANTEA’s senior executives who became part of the educational project by talking about the Road Safety initiative and the importance of being acquainted with it. ANTEA brought its experience in this topic where the Director of Health and Safety at Work Mr. Fatmir Koço joined the sections by lecturing and discussing incident prevention with school students.

These informative and awareness sessions took place on school premises and were brought in the form of an alternative education, illustrated with educational videos, pictures and drawings, various fun games with program themes adapted to students’ age groups. This initiative was joined by DPSHTRR, invited by SSC DDAER which gave its contribution in educating the younger generations for road safety.